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Statue of Lord Shiva  meditatingagainst clouds

Our Guru Lineage

The Srividya lineage of the Mulavarg Siddha Parampara of S. India is a pure unbroken lineage that comes to humanity through the Grace and Blessings of Siddha Sadhguru Thirumoolar [Moolanji]. 

Lord Shiva as the pure and auspicious static consciousness is the origin of this sacred lineage-is worshipped as Charyananda Natha - the Adi Guru who passed this onto Sri Nandhi Devar.  

Nandhi Devar transmitted to Siddha Sri Thirumoolar who transmitted to Sri Sivakami Om Anandi, the preceptor and Guru of Sadhguru Sivapremananda -the current preceptor and holder of the lineage.

Illustration of Siddha Thirumoolarji
Sadhguru Sivapremananda

About Lalithananda

Sri Lalithananda follows in the footsteps of the ancient Siddha lineage of the Mulavarg Parampara, where Shiva is the ultimate cause of All existence as Adi-Guru. Shiva and Shakti are never separate from each other and the Divine Mother represents the Manyness within the Oneness principle. She is the Cause of All!

Through the Grace and blessings of Siddha Thirumoolarji [Moolanji], Sadhguru Sivapremananda, and the Mulavarg Srividya Parampara, he is inspired to share his Love of worshipping the Divine Mother as Lalithambika, Rajarajeshwari, Maha Tripurasundari.

He spends time between the Asheville, North Carolina area and his meditation retreat center, Atmanandam, in the Idukki District of Kerala, S. India

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