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Shiva-Shakti Within

Journey deep within yourself to experience the divine interplay of Shiva-Shakti energies, awakening a profound sense of inner transformation and spiritual connection

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What is Shiva-Shakti?

We each inherently have within us, the powerful dynamic energy of creation, sustenance, and destruction. This energy is called Shakti and is the creative and generative force for all movement in the Cosmos and is personified as the Divine Mother.  She is the dynamic force of the static Consciousness that we call Shiva, which is the basis of all existence.  By realizing the Shakti within, we can live an empowered purposeful life. This is the wisdom of Universal Divine Consciousness that exists as Oneness within all beings and uses internal meditation, focus, attention, acceptance, and awareness. This allows us to experience the nature of reality as  Oneness - to recognize our duality as Shiva-Shakti- the Masculine-Feminine Divine as One.

Shiva Linga with Red flowers

We honor and worship the Divine Feminine as Divine Mother Lalithambika -She represents the dynamic nature of consciousness that manifests as All that is! Lalithambika means ‘She who is playful’- Through her play of reality, we realize Shiva, the everlasting bliss-the Static consciousness- the Highest True nature or the Source of all that is. This is the Spiritual Science of Self-Acceptance, Self-Awareness, Self Transformation and Self Realization

By practicing meditation with intention in a focused way, along with Mantra chanting, you can gain the experience of the ultimate knowledge about yourself- Realizing that You are the manifestation of Shiva-Shakti or the Highest Absolute Truth itself.

By undertaking a disciplined and committed practice a spiritual aspirant can set the intention for personal transformation, upliftment, and transcendence. You can begin to access the immense power within you with ease and grace. 

Benefits of a meditation practice

Reduce stress and experience peace and calm​

By regularly practicing meditation, individuals can cultivate a sense of inner calmness and tranquility, allowing them to effectively manage and alleviate stress


Enhanced awareness and intuition of who you are and what reality is about

Meditation enhances self-awareness and intuitive perception


Increase in clarity, awareness, and intuition

Through meditation, clarity, awareness, and intuition are elevated, granting deeper insights and understanding.

Improved health and relationships not only with yourself but with all those around you.

Regular meditation practice leads to improved health and nurturing relationships, both with oneself and with others, fostering a harmonious and interconnected existence.

Shift your perception and perspectives to develop more compassion and empathy

By engaging in meditation, you can shift your perception and perspectives, cultivating a greater sense of compassion and empathy towards others.


Develop humility, acceptance, and inner healing abilities

Meditation nurtures the development of humility, acceptance, and inner healing abilities, fostering personal growth and transformation.

Strengthen the mind, and develop emotional resilience.

Through regular meditation practice, the mind is strengthened and emotional resilience is developed, equipping individuals to better navigate life's challenges with greater mental fortitude and adaptability.

Empower yourself to take charge of your life and be the co-creator of your reality and destiny

Meditation empowers you to take charge of your life, becoming a co-creator of your reality and shaping your own destiny with intention and purpose.

About Sri Lalithananda

About Sri Lalithananda

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Sri Shylesh has received loving and compassionate guidance and initiation from his Guru -Sadhguru Sivapremananda of the Mulavarg Siddha Parampara. It is his love of Divine Mother, that inspired Shylesh to embark on a mission to spread the inner knowledge of bliss, compassion, and unconditional Love to all.  In this tradition, the Divine Mother is the cause, the result, and the factor of all reality and existence.


Sri Shylesh was given the name Lalithananda - 'Lalitha' means playful, charming, and ‘Ananda’ means Joy, Happiness, or Bliss - One who purely abides in Divine Mother Love Consciousness).  His gentle presence transmits a quiet playful energy while he holds a deep connection to the Supreme Consciousness within.  He offers timeless wisdom through stories of the Vedic and Tantric traditions, mantra chanting as well as spiritual healing transmission in his meditation sessions. 


Quotes from Beyond....

A heavy rainfall is flowing toward the ocean, carrying us all along with it though like paper boats, tiny logs and branches of trees we may at times float aimlessly and sink however in the end we are sure to be in the Ocean of Bliss (Supreme Consciousness)

~ Sri L

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